Other Interesting Reading

These are just a few of the people’s blogs/sites I enjoy and admire.

Joshua Crabtree

Josh calls himself an ‘aspiring adventure film maker’, if he is aspiring he is one of the most exciting new prospects in the adventure film word. He is a quality down to earth guy, whose attitude and ethos means he will be the next big thing. Just check his pictures and videos and you will agree.

Image Impossible

Run by Ian Burton, Image Impossible is making great films time and time again. With countless years experience Ian has created himself a position as one of the leading cameramen and producers in the country. Ian’s credentials speak for themselves, Marmot Sponsored Film Maker, Stereographer and 3D Trainer for Sony, and ROKT ambassador

Land and Sky

Land and Sky is run by Dom Bush, who is  an Adventure Film, Photography and Event Reporting guru. He is one of the nicest and most hard working guys out there and it pays dividends in the quality of his work.

Outdoor Observations

I have been reading this blog since before I delved into blogging at all. This is a great thought provoking blog which I urge everyone to read. It is written by Becky

Pulp Non-Fiction

Again this is a blog I have been reading from the very beginning. This is a showcase of a very talented photographer. It is written by Callum Stone.

Summit Ash

This is a blog of a close friend and details his strive to become a  mountain guide. It is written by Ash Haris

Sim Davis

I only found this blog recently. Some of  these pictures simply took my breath away. Written by Sim Davis

Black to White

This is the blog of Sim Davis and Callum Stone, and their circumnavigation of Europe, from the Black Sea to the White Sea, in eighty seven days.

Rock Rat Robinson

Should a person ever wish to dedicate themselves to a specific hobby this is who they should model their selves  on.

Newton Rigg Paddling Club

Newton Rigg Paddling Club, University of Cumbria, Penrith Campus. Their legendary exploits.


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