Education, education, education

Interestingly this was sparked by debate between myself and 3 others, with me being of the opinion that outdoor education is different to mainstream schooling and furthermore that we shouldn’t be changing our methods so that we can show in schooling term what we are achieving.

Which led to the question we all know that informal education has some brilliant points and promotes change in young people but how do we prove it? So I looked around and really, individual case studies exist, organisations claim it works well, but there is no hard stats such as schools target being 5 a* to c’s. So schools are accrediting academic achievements, so do we accredit skills achievements? Yes probably but is there a bigger picture?

What is the most important thing that teachers do at school? Is it teach you maths, English, history. Or is it the ability to interact with other people, the way to understand discipline, the way to learn. I once read someone claiming that the most important thing that an American middle school did was  to sort students into a social hierarchy or groups, such as the typical stereotypical view of the Jocks and the geeks. Whilst I think this is an extreme view, may be there’s a small section of that involved as well.

So does that mean that the most important things that any body ever teaches you are simply a bi-product of other things being taught? It seems that way to me.


~ by Nathan Fuller on February 10, 2012.

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