Just Because Your Breathing Doesn’t Mean You’re Alive

TT Closer to the Edge



Just because your breathing doesn’t mean you are alive, a statement of an adrenalin junkie or a motto to live your life by?

If you’re not living on the edge your taking up too much room, a clever song lyric or a motto to live your life by?

They push themselves to the limit, they risk death, and the majority of the population people don’t understand why. I would never claim I was pushing boundaries, risking it, but I understand that drive that pushes you to try. Those  that are pushing the limits who are risking death regularly, argue that firstly whether or not they are risking themselves, they don’t believe they are risking it, they are simply improving themselves. They would say it was stupid to be attempting something that was way out of your skill zone.

Secondly and perhaps more interestingly life becomes a lot more simple, would you want to die with someone hating you, or not having done something you wished you should have done. I saw a video of a man who dedicated his life to climbing living in the desert making money repairing climbing shoes, and just climbing. He has the right idea, he does not pander to social norms or worry about being anyone elses ‘bitch’.

Maybe we should all start to remember this more often, maybe we should be braver, sort that argument, or do that thing you have meant too. A lyric I try to live by along a similar vein is ‘don’t let the sun set on an argument’. Maybe we need to just get on with it because if you think about it, you are much more likely to die being run over by a car that extreme sport.


~ by Nathan Fuller on February 6, 2012.

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