The NEET Problem (Well a small snippet)

Meet Joe, Joe is a 16 years old boy who dropped out of school, he gained no qualifications, he lives in a low socio-economic area, has a dysfunctional family life, which regularly means he sleeps on the streets, he is regularly in trouble with the police and has never worked.

And meet Joanna. Joanna is 23 and has 12 gcse’s, 5 A Level’s, a BA (Hons) degree as well as a PHD. Joanna left/ was sacked from her well paid city job 6 months ago and hasn’t returned to work.

Rather different characters I’m sure you will agree. However both Joanna and Joe are both classified as NEET. Not in education, employment, or training. Both may be targeted by their local authority in exactly the same way. Whilst I understand that it is far too expensive and time-consuming to evaluate every case individually, I do believe that there is far too much ‘lets classify people on such a wide set of standards’. It starts to become questionable whether by increasing the standards more and more the whole of the population becomes classified.

I make no apologies for the use of ‘classifying’ perhaps this is the only way that it will be understood that putting a label on someone is in my eyes unlikely to help.

Update: It seems thankfully I am not the only one to be thinking this the IOE released a report entitled Tackling NEETs to quote one section ‘This report attempts to make the case for a more imaginative, supportive and¬†personalised approach to the NEET problem’



~ by Nathan Fuller on January 9, 2012.

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