Simples Part 2

After writing my previous entry I was stuck with one over-riding question, what happens if it all goes wrong? Well this question haunted me for a bit. So I asked a few people, the majority of those people said ‘it’s best not to think about that’ or ‘well I don’t know’.

This made me think, why do people in outdoor sports avoid this idea that mistakes do happen? Firstly obviously the idea is to minimize the chances of it all going wrong, so we train hard, we scout a rapid, we put as much gear as we can in. But if all of that fails then what?

I have recently been reading a book (the longest climb) by Paul Pritchard. ‘Paul was climbing in Tasmania, when a TV-sized boulder falling from 25 meters inflicted such terrible head injuries that doctors thought he might never walk or even speak again. Pritchard has spent his time since the accident in contemplation of the hemiplegia which has robbed his right side of movement and played tricks with his speech and memory.’ (Pritchard, 2009). While everything that this man has been through is amazing the bit that really struck a cord with me in his book was how his accident was not the end it was the beginning.  After his accident he took up tricycling and regularly shot up pen-y-pas (not an easy feat).

This clarifies what happens if everything goes wrong, number one question we either live or die. If we die then we start a new adventure (in heaven or re-incarnated depending on your beliefs). If we live do we have injuries? If yes we start a new adventure to recover from those injuries. If we don’t have injuries then we are very lucky and our new adventure could be to conquer the fear we have found or even to find a safer way to do it.


~ by Nathan Fuller on August 15, 2010.

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