This post was intended to be a short answer to a question I have been pondering, however it turned out to ask more questions than it answered.

After reading a number of blogs over the past few days they have posed some interesting questions. In all activities we like to take risks. I was once talking to a slightly drunk fellow who was sure he never took risks, no matter how I reasoned with him he was sticking to his story. I believe that everyone takes risk, getting up in a morning is a risk, you may roll an ankle. Crossing the road is a risk, you may be run over.

The outdoors is perhaps a perfect medium to prove this why we want this risk, we all know that there are some dangers associated with these activities we partake in. Yet we still do them, we put ourself in increasing danger the higher our skill level is. But why?

I believe as humans we all have a wild instinct, exactly the same as we all have a sex drive or the desire for shelter. This wild instinct wants use to be in the outdoor trying new things. We strive for that buzz, for some this buzz may be entirely selfish a craving almost an addiction, for some it is spiritual, feeling at one with there ‘God’. Once we become to feel comfortable in that environment we no longer get that ‘buzz’ so we push ourselves further until we end up pushing our bodies close to the edge where one failure of our psychology or physiology means an end.

Or does it?


~ by Nathan Fuller on August 13, 2010.

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